Hotel Andante | música y arte para los viajeros del mundo

Welcome to Hotel Andante

Where we look forward to making your stay an unforgettable experience.

Andante has been thought for travelers who want to make out of their lives a personal and meaningful adventure in itself. Andante is the one who walks, but it is also a musical tempo, between allegro and adagio.

Andante, is above all, a hotel in where every single process has been carefully crafted by passionate hands, minds and hearts. Therefore Andante is a proudly handmade hotel.

WWelcome andante, you are home, that is your journey!

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Andantes Experiences:

Wide selection of books, movies and vinyls especialized in classical music. The guest also could enjoy “Radio Andante”, which broadcasts an ample and very interesting mix of classical music, specially curated by DJ Amadeus for the Andante.

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Andante Experiences

Enjoy the cafeteria · bistro · bar Amadeus. Check out our city tourist guides, discover the hotel exhibit areas or just take the time to live the pleasure of some classical music in your suite while watching the sunset.